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A personalized approach

To kid's therapy

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At Rise Up, we understand that each family is unique, with their own specific needs and goals.

When your child has special needs or struggles to manage their big emotions, you want to ensure that the services you receive are tailored to your unique situation.

That's why we are committed to providing compassionate, personalized advice to help you and your family navigate this difficult journey.

Don't wait any longer to get the care and support your family deserves—Rise Up and take action now!


Here to help with big feelings and tough challenges, including:












parenting challenges

What Parents Say

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Théo's mum

"Our son had little concentration and issues managing and expressing his emotions (like frustration and anger), which resulted in inappropriate behaviours, including a lot of tantrums and aggression. He also had unsafe behaviours, such as taking off when in public with an adult or crossing the roads without looking for incoming cars, which made it complicated to be out in public with him. 

We wanted to work with Laurence because of her training and certifications, but also because she speaks French. She was super friendly with our son (with us too!) which made him trust her really quickly. She’s an excellent communicator (we always knew what was going on and what she was working on, what progress our son was making, and what were her objectives for the upcoming month), and she’s highly competent as a therapist. We saw durable improvements quite quickly.  

After working with her, our son definitely has a much better capacity for managing his emotions! He doesn’t show aggressive behaviour anymore and has significantly fewer tantrums. He can express his needs and emotions appropriately. He’s also much more aware of his own environment and safety. He behaves really well in a group and in a classroom setting. So much so that he’s currently attending a regular school, and everything is going really well. Overall, he is now happier and calmer.

Working with Laurence was life-changing! One of our best investments so far for our son."

*Name and pictures have been altered to protect privacy

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