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For Parents

Are you determined to be the best parent/caregiver, but unsure how to achieve it?

We can help make you feel:

More confident about how to handle challenging behaviors in your kid​ such as aggressivity or defiance

Clearer about the best ways to support your child's development & learning.

Positive about your parenting decisions.

Competent in trying to balance work & family responsibilities.

Serene about the quality time you have with your child

Don't wait any longer to get the care and support you deserve,

Rise Up and take action now!


Here to help with big feelings and tough challenges, including:












parenting challenges

What parents Say


Amanda Ly, BCBA-D

Former Supervisor of Laurence

"Laurence is the utmost professional. She takes her job very seriously and clearly enjoys it. She prides herself on personally connecting with each client. Once she has established a fun working relationship with the child, she is then able to make the most gains with them.


She has an uncanny ability to think creatively on her feet. For example, often times behaviour therapists are trying to achieve a set of goals via play; however, invariably there are always distractions, interruptions, or just candid moments. She will take these moments and incorporate them into the session without skipping a beat. It's incredible to watch her work!"

We can help with your parenting challenges

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