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Our Services

A Personalised approach because each child is different

Rise Up provides behavioral therapy to help children with developmental delays, and emotional or behavioral issues. Our therapy utilizes positive reinforcement strategies to help children develop a variety of skills, including social, emotional communication, academic, and self-help skills. We believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and effective! 

We also provide online consultations for parents and caregivers are supported and engaged throughout their child's therapy journey.

Free Online Call (30min)

Are you concerned about your child? Wondering if Rise Up is the right place for you? Book a free online call NOW to discuss your questions and concerns. Click the link below or email us at to get started!

In-Person Therapy (2h)

A qualified therapist will come directly to your home or to your child's school to provide personalised behavioural therapy tailored to your child's individual needs. Each session is designed to give your child the best possible support and guidance.

Online consultation (45min)

Being a parent can be a challenging experience. We are here to help. Our personalised online consultations provide a safe and supportive space for parents to share their concerns and receive tailored advice on how to make their and their child's life better. Let us help you navigate this journey with confidence and ease.

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