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Holiday season in Singapore: How to keep the kids busy?

Check out those 15 ideas of activities for children to make the holidays memorable!

The holidays are upon us, and with them come plenty of spare time for the kids. It can be hard to think of ways to keep everyone entertained. To make this season memorable, here are 15 ideas of activities to do during the holidays.

#1 -Decorate the Christmas tree

Get into the holiday spirit and take the kids out to select a tree. Have them help with the decorations from the ornaments to lights to the star - they'll love it!

#2 - Check out Eventbrite

Eventbrite has plenty of activities for your child to explore in Singapore. Don't miss out on the Winter Wonders event on December 22! Check it out here: Winter Wonders

#3 - Visit Snow City

We might not have winter in Singapore, but Snow City will certainly make you feel like you're in another country. Let your child explore the cold and have some fun snow-tubing! Visit their website here.

#4 - Go ice-Skating

Ice skating is another activity that will bring the spirit of winter to Singapore. Rent some skates and get ready to get a little cold and wet! You can check Kallang Ice World in the east or The Rink in the west of Singapore.

#5 - Visit a Christmas market

Singapore has an impressive number of Christmas markets to explore every year. Check out some of the options here.

#6 - Watch a holiday movie

There are so many movies to watch during the holidays. With the kids, try classic films like The Grinch or the more recent Frozen.

#7 - Read some holidays book

Head to the library and pick up some interesting books to read! You can even borrow them and bring them home for a while.

#8 - Bake some treats

Most kids will get excited about this. Get them involved with the preparation of some delicious treats such as gingerbread cookies or get a gingerbread house kit.

#9 - Drink some hot chocolate

Hot chocolate with some delicious marshmallows will surely make the young ones happy. Even better, try it after visiting Snow City or ice skating.

#10 - Go to the museum

There are plenty of museums in Singapore that are appropriate for kids. Take a look at this list for inspiration.

#11 - Enjoy the beach

A big benefit of being in Singapore is that we can enjoy the beach even during the holidays. Pack some buckets and spades for the kids to have fun in the sand, and don't forget to bring some Christmas hats to keep with the festive mood!

#12 - Transform a box into a cottage

Take a large box and help the kid to decorate it as a winter cottage. Help them cutout windows and a door. Encourage them to be creative and use various materials, such as cotton balls for snow and glitter for a snow-covered roof. They’ll have a blast creating a cozy winter cottage they can proudly show off to family and friends.

#13 - Explore with your senses

You can get a slime kit, create some winter-themed bottles with glue and sparkly snowflakes, or fill bowls with fake snow for the kids to explore and enjoy.

#14 - Make seasonal art and craft

There's no shortage of ideas for this one. Use what's at home or get a diamond painting kit, create your own ornaments for the tree or get a Christmas craft kit.

#15 - Watch a fireplace

A nice fireplace playing on your TV will change the atmosphere of your home into a cozy holiday spirit.

Don’t Forget: It's ok to rest!

You don't need to fill every second of your child's holidays with activities. Allowing them to have some free time to rest, relax, and explore on their own will help them manage their emotions better and feel refreshed and ready for school come January.


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