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Release of Liability


In consideration of being allowed to participate in Rise Up Consulting Pte. Ltd (Rise Up) related activities including, but not limited to home-based therapy, school shadowing, and/or going out/field trips away from home grounds, the undersigned:


(1) Understands that participation in the above-described activities may expose the participant to some risks and assumes any such risk that may arise therefrom. The undersigned accepts full responsibility and has adequate insurance to cover all medical expenses for any injuries that might occur to the participant by reason of his/her participation.


(2) Authorizes any first aid by Rise Up’s employee or another supervising adult, and any emergency, first aid, medication, medical treatment, or surgery deemed necessary by a licensed physician and/or other trained medical personnel.


(3) Waives and releases and holds harmless Rise Up Consulting Pte. Ltd., its owners, and employees from any liability, claims, demands, and causes of action arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the participant or the undersigned while participating in the above activities.


(4) Gives my permission for all future field trips outside the house, however, parent and/or caregiver will be notified in advance if the participant is leaving the house. Parents and caregivers have the right to refuse trips outside the house at any time for any reason.


(5) Accepts full responsibility for all expenses related to field trips including but not limited to transportation, entrance fees, and damage or injury caused by my child.

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